Please note: The current calculations in the OSCAR system do not reflect the changes in the 2020 Hand & Foot law. We are actively working on updating our system to reflect such changes.

OSCAR-CALCS is designed to perform the most common date and arithmetic functions that arise during the course of a workers compensation case and is intended for use by legal and judicial staff within the Division of Workers Compensation.

All users of OSCAR-CALCS are reminded that, in spite of extensive testing and evaluation, no warranty as to the usefulness of this program is offered and results obtained by use of this program should not necessarily be accepted in place of the expertise of Judges of Compensation or workers compensation practitioners.

A short guide to using this program is available by clicking on the "Quick Guide" link below. If you find any errors while using this program, kindly submit the issue to , with a detailed explanation of the problem, your web browser and version and the device that you are using (PC, tablet, phone, etc).